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Sponsoring MedFest – Exploring Mental Health

AXA Egypt | 01 Feb , 2022

Starting 2022, AXA Egypt’s sponsorship strategy will go a step beyond physical health and into the realm of mental health. We’re starting by sponsoring MedFest.

MedFest is a 3-day film festival, meant to bridge the gap between filmmaking and health related issues. It is the first of its kind in the region, and includes numerous film screenings, mental health related workshops, and discussion sessions with experienced filmmakers and healthcare experts.

This festival mainly targets actors and caregivers such as doctors, psychologists, and other occupations in the field, along with the general public. The workshops are meant to provide those attending with general knowledge on mental health and how to maintain its stability. In this year’s edition, that took place on January 20-23, 2022, over 800 people attended and benefited from the festival.

We decided to sponsor MedFest as a way to give back to those in the medical sector through helping them understand, manage, and maintain their own mental health. Since their jobs focus on taking care of others, their own wellbeing is often pushed aside; we want to help bring it to their attention, and provide resources that would help in their mental health journey. It is a thank you to them for helping others daily.