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AXA Employees in the Nile Clean-up during AXA Week For Good!

AXA Egypt | 14 Oct , 2021

In September of this year, and during AXA’s Sustainability Week, called “AXA Week For Good”, AXA Egypt took part in the Global Challenge set by the Group towards Climate Action.

We partnered with VeryNile , the first initiative to develop sustainable means to clean the Nile, and encouraged our employees to participate in the clean-up challenge on Qursaya Island, in the heart of Giza.

As AXA Hearts in Action, 22 participants showed up on a weekend, and both our employees and their children were excited to clean-up the Nile and the island, in a beautiful scene that reflected commitment and passion towards the environment.

By the end of the day, we were able to collect 100 kg of waste, and the participants got the opportunity to visit the up-cycling workshop for handmade products that the women on the island create, and the workshop leader started to explain to everyone how she and her colleagues brainstorm together for new product ideas that could be manufactured from plastic waste collected on the island.

AXA continues to support similar initiatives, aiming at protecting the environment we live in, as part of its sustainable development strategy.