Back Cancer Awareness Sessions at AXA!


Cancer Awareness Sessions at AXA!

AXA Egypt | 13 Dec , 2021

This year, AXA Egypt focused on raising awareness on both Breast & Prostate Cancer, as part of prioritizing the health & well-being of the employees. 

In line with Pink October, AXA Egypt carried out the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign with weekly tips and an awareness session in collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MOH), under their campaign “100 Million Seha”, aiming at raising awareness for all AXA employees. An informative and educational session part of the “Woman’s Health” initiative was held to tackle breast cancer risks, symptoms and prevention tips. Following the session, a free medical check-up was done by a medical team from MOH throughout the day for all female employees, in addition to registering the data of the employees to the MOH website for further follow-up if needed.

Since October was dedicated to women, November was dedicated for men as part of the “Movember” campaign which also aims at raising awareness about Prostate Cancer for men. For the first time, AXA Egypt also carried out an awareness campaign and a session for all AXA male employees on prostate cancer by one of OneHealth Medical Centres team member. During the session, useful insights about the symptoms, risk and preventative measures for prostate cancer were shared. 

Such events further highlight the weight AXA Egypt puts on employees’ physical wellbeing, whether they are men or women because the health and wellbeing of each and every individual is our top priority.